How it Works

About Marathon ARCO Rewards:

Marathon ARCO Rewards is a free and simple program that saves you money on fuel. The rewards don’t stop at the pump though! Not only do you earn 5 cents on every fuel gallon purchase but say hello to earning rewards on qualifying in-store items and offers too! It’s that easy.

Earn, return, save, and repeat by visiting participating Marathon stations across the country. The more you shop with Marathon, the more you earn to save on fuel!

Signing Up is Quick, Easy, and FREE!

  • All it takes is your mobile number!
  • Enter it at the pump, in the app, or on the website – you’re now a member!
  • Sign up for Marathon ARCO Rewards
  • You then receive a link via SMS text to log in

Earning is Easy!

  • Select “Existing member”, “Loyalty ID”, or “Rewards” on the screen at the pump
  • Enter your mobile number associated with your Marathon ARCO Rewards account
  • Fuel up! Now you’re earning five cents per gallon on every fill-up

Redeeming is Simple!

  • Open the Marathon ARCO Rewards program via, the SMS text link or the Marathon ARCO Rewards app
  • Scroll down to the Redeem section
  • Select your desired voucher (unavailable vouchers are grayed out)
  • Click redeem
  • The voucher amount selected will be applied as a discount on your next transaction
  • See your savings show on your receipt and in a post transaction text message which will highlight how much you saved and earned!

Using the App is Easy!

  • View your Marathon ARCO Rewards balance next to the gold coin icon at the top
  • Scroll down to the Redeem section to redeem Rewards
  • Browse through Store and Partner Offers
  • See participating locations and their fuel prices by clicking the pin in the top left corner