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Marathon ARCO Rewards is a free and easy-to-use rewards program that saves you money at the fuel pump and rewards you for purchases at participating Marathon and ARCO locations. Members earn Marathon ARCO Rewards with:

  • Every fill-up with Marathon or ARCO fuel at participating Marathon or ARCO locations
  • Purchases of qualifying products or services through Marathon, ARCO, or participating partners
  • Other promotions and events (e.g., sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, etc.)
  • With participating 3rd party vendors

Use the STATION FINDER to see participating locations near you to start earning Marathon ARCO Rewards today!

You must enroll in Marathon ARCO Rewards to start earning your rewards. To enroll, you need to create an account by logging into Marathon ARCO Rewards at, downloading the Marathon ARCO Rewards app, or entering a mobile phone number at a participating Marathon ARCO Rewards fuel pump or cash register. You only need your mobile phone number to start earning Marathon ARCO Rewards (sorry, no landlines). In order to spend Marathon ARCO Rewards, you will need to complete your profile on the website at or through the app.

You will be required to enter in your first name, last name, date of birth, mobile phone number, and email address.

First, selecting either “EXISTING MEMBER”, “MARATHON REWARDS", "ARCO REWARDS", “REWARDS” or “Loyalty” at the pump or in-store pin pad. Then, enter your mobile phone number which is your Marathon ARCO Rewards ID.

You earn 5¢ in Marathon ARCO Rewards per gallon of Marathon or ARCO fuel at participating locations. You earn Marathon ARCO Rewards on qualifying purchases (e.g., the app may indicate that you earn $1 in Marathon ARCO Rewards for a specific brand of soda). You do not earn Marathon ARCO Rewards on every product in the store. Visit the web or mobile app to stay up to date on the latest offers!

Even if you have not gone through the enrollment process yet, you can still earn Marathon ARCO Rewards when you enter your mobile phone number at the fuel pump.

1. Open the Marathon ARCO Rewards mobile or web app to login.

2. Scroll down to the Redeem section.

3. Select the desired Rollback Reward. Rewards are available in increments of saving 10¢ off per gallon, 25¢ per gallon, 50¢ per gallon, or $1 per gallon.*

4. Click on the activation button to make a voucher selection to Redeem.

5. Enter your mobile number associated with your Rewards account on the pump PIN-pad.

6. Confirm you want the Rewards voucher to apply on your fill-up by selecting 'Yes' on the pump PIN-pad. Price will rollback by the Reward amount Redeemed. (Up to 20 gallons.)**

*Unavailable vouchers will be greyed out. Vouchers will become available when Rewards balance contains $2 in Rewards or more.

**If you pump less than 20 gallons in a single transaction, the unused portion of your redeemed Reward will be returned to back your Rewards bank.

You can view current items that you can purchase to earn Marathon ARCO Rewards on the web or mobile app. You will earn Marathon ARCO Rewards only on items advertised as a qualifying item. Not all items will qualify for Marathon ARCO Rewards.

Items are added and changed regularly, so be sure to check often to see all the ways you can earn and save!

Marathon ARCO Rewards balances expire if a member is inactive for more than 365 consecutive days, after which the member’s balance is removed but they are still considered a member. Marathon ARCO Rewards also end: (i) upon your death or legal incapacitation; (ii) when you or Marathon deactivate your account; or (iii) at any time that Marathon decides to end or change the program.

If a member redeems a Marathon ARCO Reward but does not use it within 7 days, the member will have the balance of the Marathon ARCO Reward redeemed returned to their account.

Your Marathon ARCO Rewards ID is the mobile phone number associated with your account.

Credit cards cannot be linked to Marathon ARCO Rewards.

Please contact Marathon ARCO Rewards Support at 1-855-920-3988 or take a clear photo of your receipt and email it to Be sure to include your mobile phone number to identify the correct account. The Marathon ARCO Rewards Support team will review and apply your points or contact you for additional information.

You can edit your account information at or in the app.

Here are the ways that you can change your preferences. If you need further assistance, please call 1-855-920-3988:


Text: You can text “STOP” to 90584 from the mobile phone number enrolled with the account.

No, landlines cannot be used as the account number for Marathon ARCO Rewards. Please only enter in mobile phone numbers to earn and redeem Marathon ARCO Rewards. If you use a landline as your Marathon ARCO Rewards account number, then you will not be able to redeem your rewards.

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